What’s Your Name?

As I was going through images to use for the lecture that I will be giving this Friday evening for the San Diego Fellow Calligraphers, this little gem popped up.  I took a quick shot just before putting these name tags into the basket to take to Yves Leterme’s workshop last August.  They are of paste paper and I made them for the students that would be attending the class.  The letter style is one with which I fell in love when I saw a piece created by Yves, that appears on his website. Since the piece did not have a full alphabet, it was an interesting challenge for me to come up with letters on my own that went along with the style!


I Am

For some time now I have been wanting to create some art for my father, a retired minister and professor of theology. This year for Christmas I found a little extra time to make a small piece. The verse is from the book of Matthew in the New Testament.

A New Year Cometh

How exciting … a New Year!  For many people, 2009 could have been better, much better.  Me?  Well, there were ups and downs just like everyone else, so I am excited to move on and get started with 2010 … to live and experience life like never before.  I hope that your coming year proves to be the best ever and I offer all good wishes for prosperity, health, much love and joy….