Personalized Invitation Calligraphy

Sadly, I had a couple of hard drives with my work, images, and other stuff die on me last year. However, on the bright side, I found one thing that I thought was lost forever. {yay!} This is a favourite because of the way the names connect with intertwining strokes, something that I really like to do when writing names for a wedding.

Finding this gave me the idea to remind all the brides out there that having your names personalized in calligraphy is something that can make an invitation from a book instantly become a custom invitation, but without the custom price tag!


Inspired Bride

A quick note of thanks to Maddy Hague of The Inspired Bride is the first order of business today. Maddy posted some kind words about my work on her lovely wedding site, along with this colourful image she made of some black and white samples of hand lettering I sent over last week. Thank you Maddy!

Seating Rocks

A fellow wedding vendor and I were just now chatting about a post on The Bride’s Cafe, since we had both done work for Janie and Gavin, whose wedding is featured today. As we were talking, I popped over to their photographer’s website to look at more photos and after only a few clicks I was delighted to find an image of some seating rocks I did in 2003 for Max Brooks‘ wedding to Michelle Kholos, which was coordinated by Lisa Gorjestani of Details Event Planning.

This very beautiful photo was taken by Isabel Lawrence Photographers and, while I have not worked with them directly, I have had a bit of communication with them and they are just lovely. The word that I have heard, from those who have worked with them, is that they are wonderful!


For awhile now I have been wanting to update “my look.” Although still in the process, I decided to go ahead and post the best result so far. One thing is certain, I was completely reminded why my original logo was created using type (Charlemagne, with some finagling of a couple of the characters). Writing XYZ by hand, in capital letters, next to each other, in a script that is meant to be beautiful is so much more difficult that you might imagine! As a result, the final “final” design may be some time in coming, but it’s a challenge that I am looking forward to.

Anyway, if you’re inclined to comment I’d love your feedback, especially what you think about the website now compared to the old website, and the blog, too. I am particularly excited that I was able to discover how to make the favicon show up in the url! : )

Art Heart for Haiti

Laure Ferlita has put together a wonderful project to raise funds to help with the Haitian relief effort. Because I first heard about the project only hours before the deadline, I am so happy that it was extended so that I could participate. Thank you Laure for your big heart!