Together Again For The First Time

>This past weekend I had the great pleasure to host calligraphic artist Annie B. Cicale, who was in Los Angeles to teach a workshop. Her book has been in my library since the day it was published (well, just about, anyway) and since we hadn’t met before I was delighted to finally have an opportunity to study with her. Although we were really tired from the workshop, being letter fanatics to the core, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a very special photograph. (In case you need a hint as to what it’s all about, her initials are ABC, and mine are XYZ.)

P.S. One of the must-have books for your calligraphic reference library is The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering by Annie Cicale.


Artist Brittney Lee

Today I learned about Brittney Lee, a very talented artist and animator who does the most wonderful paper sculptures as well. Here are a few images from her blog. Make sure you check out her items for sale on Etsy, too!

Calligraphic Hands

What a big surprise it was to find an extraordinary article about me and my calligraphy at Many thanks for the kind words!

A New Year Cometh

How exciting … a New Year!  For many people, 2009 could have been better, much better.  Me?  Well, there were ups and downs just like everyone else, so I am excited to move on and get started with 2010 … to live and experience life like never before.  I hope that your coming year proves to be the best ever and I offer all good wishes for prosperity, health, much love and joy….

The Getty

At the beginning of this month, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Playing hooky from work we went to the Getty and enjoyed some time away from real life.

This shot was taken out of the front window of the driverless tram that takes visitors up to the museum from the parking area below.

I loved how the sunlight looked on this painting. It was an unusual moment to see any painting there splashed with light as the shutters on the roof (shown below) close when the automatic sensors detect the heat of the sun passing in front of them.

                        There is such simple gorgeousness everywhere . . .

                                                                    . . .

                                                                    . . .

As we were leaving the sun came out … love the lavender trellis!

Papyrus Wedding Event

This past weekend I was able to participate in a Wedding Event hosted by Papyrus. I enjoyed meeting some very nice people while providing their names in calligraphy.

At the Studio City location the first thing I saw upon entering the store was a terrific floral arrangement provided by DellaRobbia. Todd Johnson displayed some innovative photography, Donna Wisdom showed some great tablescape options. There was a lovely cake and darling cupcakes from Big Sugar Bake Shop, and my chocoholic husband said the mini cupcake I brought home to him was delicious.

Sunday at the Topanga Plaza store, there was an equally gorgeous arrangement on display at the store entrance, provided by Mr. B’s Flowers. Photographs by Christopher Glenn were on display, many in Papyrus frames that are classic and elegant to contemporary and fun. For most of the day we were serenaded by a classical guitarist, and there were three girls modeling some absolutely beautiful wedding gowns. Cake samples were provided by Doan’s Bakery and the White Chocolate Coconut was scrumptious!

My favourite part, however, was the small world meeting that I had with the catering company Someone’s in the Kitchen. Although we have never worked together, as it happens, we both did work for Nicole and Michael who were married last October in Malibu. The event was organized by Sasha Souza and you can check out a tiny bit of my work on the table number and seating cards for this wedding.