You’ve been on my mind for awhile, and with an upcoming adventure around the corner, what better time to start blogging again.

Excited, and grateful, to be heading to Tokyo for a few days of seeing and photographing the sights, and shopping for gifts, stationery, and beauty items, before a week-long adventure of lettering, type, and culture, with Type Camp Japan 2016.

So, stay tuned … I am going to do my very best to post my journey every day … and giveaways will happen upon my return, so be sure to leave a kind comment. : ) Can’t wait to see what I get you! xoxo



Mastering the Flourish – A Calligraphy Workshop

Well, I am so excited and can’t help but let the cat out of the bag! I am certainly looking forward to May, because I will be teaching a calligraphy flourishing workshop in Los Angeles and New York. While my … Continue reading

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If, like me, you are a current Google Reader user, you will know the doors will be closing on the 1st of July, so I just now moved my blog list, and it was quite a quick, easy and painless process. It looks like Bloglovin is a good alternate blog reader, and I am hopeful that it will make things easier for me to follow my favourite blogs more regularly.

The fact of the matter is that really and truly, I AM preparing lots of new stuff to post in the coming weeks and months… tips and tricks, photos, class information, and much, much more … so stay tuned!

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Paperblanks and Calligraphy Inscriptions

Recently I had the decided pleasure of being invited to participate in an onsite event with Paperblanks® at The Huntington : Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. For years I have enjoyed writing in their journals because of the wonderful paper for pens, and great format. In the past few years they have really stepped up what was an already artistically interesting line of writing journals and blank books to offer a truly exceptional line of really gorgeous books.

Paperblanks Event at The Huntington Library

Here are a couple of images that are included in the full post awaiting you at the Paperblanks® Blog, so head over and check it out when you have a minute.

Just last week, while at the National Stationery Show, I stopped by their booth for a quick visit, and it was like a stepping to a candy store! Whether you are already a fan, or if you have yet to become one, their newest lines will more than delight.

Oh, and do tell … have you had the pleasure of owning and using a Paperblanks® book?


Settling In

Happily I can report that jet-lag was barely discernible, but it may be due to the fact that I have been placed with an absolutely wonderful family who have made sure that I have all the comforts of home … including some delightful pets!

As it is winter here, most of the days have included rain, but Saturday morning was glorious, so I had a chance to take a nice long walk ’round the neighbourhood.  Although I was told that I could catch a glimpse of Melbourne from the local park, they did not say it would be spectacular, as you can see from the picture here.

Today we will go to a local art store and the Vic Market, and then on to the University to set up the classroom for Copperplate 101, as Summer School in Winter starts tomorrow!

Counting Down to Calligraphy in Melbourne

Fabulous A380 Photo by Grégoire DELATTE

It is a fact. I am in a dream-like state. Those of you who know of my journey through the past 15 years will understand, and for those of you who are not familiar with the details behind how I got into business, let’s just say it is still a bit surreal to think that in just a few short hours
I will be embarking on a journey of 7,968 miles from Los Angeles to Melbourne, to teach at the Summer School in Winter calligraphy conference (my first conference).  To say that I am eager with anticipation would be an understatement to say the least, and I am filled with gratitude for this opportunity.

The process of preparing for international travel, to teach two classes over five days at a conference, in addition to juggling my daily work, jobs and life – all jam-packed into a mere 3 months – has been incredible to say the least. Oh … and the part where I didn’t receive my passport until last Friday (barely 5 days before the plane leaves, despite proper planning) made my hair catch fire for sure!  But I am happy to say that the bags are virtually packed full with art supplies and winter wear (I adore the rain and cool weather!), and I am looking forward to the experience.

Feel free to stop by regularly over the next few weeks (or subscribe to the blog by clicking the button over there on the right ) to see what’s happening … because if  I keep my fingers crossed and my hair parted just right, all will go as planned and I’ll be posting lots about my adventure!  xoxo

Menu with a Slant

What fun it was to letter this menu!