For awhile now I have been wanting to update “my look.” Although still in the process, I decided to go ahead and post the best result so far. One thing is certain, I was completely reminded why my original logo was created using type (Charlemagne, with some finagling of a couple of the characters). Writing XYZ by hand, in capital letters, next to each other, in a script that is meant to be beautiful is so much more difficult that you might imagine! As a result, the final “final” design may be some time in coming, but it’s a challenge that I am looking forward to.

Anyway, if you’re inclined to comment I’d love your feedback, especially what you think about the website now compared to the old website, and the blog, too. I am particularly excited that I was able to discover how to make the favicon show up in the url! : )

The Rhythm of Writing

It was an honour to have been asked to create the logo for this year’s IAMPETH convention.  James Ivey, the guild’s webmaster, spiffed it up wonderfully with colour and a drop shadow….