Copperplate Calligraphy – Extended Studies Workshop

Before I tell you about my upcoming workshop, I feel the need to share my guilt and apologize to those who follow me (although I well-know that pointing out the negative is generally frowned upon).  It was my best intention to be a serial blogger, tweeter and all-round social media maven during my recent trip to Australia, however, apparently, that was not to be the case (this is where the guilt comes in).  While I did know about myself that I really work over what I write before it is posted, little did I realize how much time I really do spend and, alas, I realized with shock and horror that I just did not have the time.  So, I’ve been wracked with guilt over these past weeks but now can, hopefully, breathe a sigh of relief I have confessed.  Nevertheless, I am in the process of organizing my thoughts and experiences, and making some other interesting plans that I’ll expect to be sharing with you in the coming weeks, so please bear with me while the dust settles.  [Phew]  That does feel better!

Now, for the latest news about the next Copperplate Class … Beginning the first Monday in October, I will be teaching a Copperplate Calligraphy Extended Studies Workshop from 7-9 PM on consecutive Monday nights — Oct 7, 14, 21, 28, Nov 5, and 12 — in Reseda.

Copperplate is a traditional script that has stood the test of time and is still used today to convey formal and elegant messages.  However, it can also be loosened up to be casual, pretty, fun or funky, and equally used as a basis for clear and legible handwriting.  So, whether you are beginning calligraphy, want to refine your skill or loosen up your lettering, are a designer that works with hand letterers and want merely to understand the process, or if you just have a desire to learn how to write more legibly, this workshop is for you!

After discovering what makes this script successful, we will review pressure and release techniques, how to construct the very few strokes that make up this style of lettering, and how to handle some of the trickier letter connections.  Understanding the elements that can cause problems while lettering as well as papers, media, nibs and other tools will also be up for discussion during class.  Most of our time will be spent practicing the forms while I work one-on-one with each student to provide personalized attention to their particular way of writing.
For the fine print and all the details, please visit my website!

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