Calligraphy Conference in Melbourne

A girl couldn’t be more excited to finally get to post about being invited
to teach in Australia!
You can’t believe how hard it has been to keep this under wraps until I was finally cleared to tell you about it.

This year’s Summer School in Winter calligraphy conference, hosted by the Calligraphy Society of Victoria, and held July 4-8, offers classes with just five tutors, three of which are from outside Australia. In addition to myself, this year’s roster of teachers includes Kristoffel Boudens of Brugge, Belgium, Gareth Colgan of Dublin, Ireland, and Elke Ahokas and Su Pearson of Melbourne.

The first of the two workshops I will be teaching is Copperplate 101, a three-day class in which we explore the techniques of using a pointed pen, learn (or refresh knowledge of) the Copperplate hand (which is also known as English Roundhand or Engrosser’s Script), as well as investigate different ways to modify it and change it up a bit while keeping with the traditional style.

The second class is Pointed Pen Variations, a two-day workshop in which we will learn a minimum of six pointed pen styles and, depending on how fast everyone gets through those, maybe even more! In each of the classes the final project is a handmade book which will be a keepsake of the class and a reference of the various adaptations and styles learned. For those taking both of the classes, they will be able to put their two books together for one big volume of their calligraphic experience.

If you are signed up for the class, please, feel free to drop me an email to say “Hello” and let me know that thing you want to learn or get a handle on the most.

Although I have visited quite a few countries, this will be my first visit to Australia, and definitely my first visit to the other side of the equator! On the top of my wish list of things to do and places to see has always been an opera in Sydney and to visit Uluru (Ayres Rock). While I should by no means be confused with an opera buff, for some reason I have always wanted to experience an opera at the world-famous Sydney Opera House. Since first learning of Uluru many years ago, ti shot to the very top of the list, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the stars will align perfectly so I can make it out there. Who knows, I might just end up driving along the coast from Melbourne to Sydney, I’m sure there would be some great photo ops if I decide to choose that course of adventure.

One thing is certain and that is I am not even aware of all the amazing things to see and do while there, but I can hardly wait to find out what happens!


5 thoughts on “Calligraphy Conference in Melbourne

  1. Hi Xandra, I’m very excited to be attending your 3 day Copperplate workshop in Melbourne and look forward to meeting you there. Has anyone told you that its cold and damp here at the moment? So make sure you pack some warm clothes, a jacket, scarf and gloves! See you next week! Anne

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