Van Gogh’s Palette

Awhile back on the, there was an article entitled “Why preserve Van Gogh’s palette?” which I found fascinating … and you may as well.

4 thoughts on “Van Gogh’s Palette

  1. I would frame the palette in a shadow box frame, hang it in front of me while I paint and let it continually inspire me thru osmosis. Maybe something will magically come thru to make me a better artiste. Ok, so I’ll try anything!

  2. Fascinating – I just saw a few of his best known works, including a self-portrait, in a traveling exhibit at the local art museum. The colors in this palette are so subdued, so murky compared to the wild blast of color in his exhibited work. The energy of his work on display virtually lept from the canvas, electrifying, disturbing, utterly moving.

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