For awhile now I have been wanting to update “my look.” Although still in the process, I decided to go ahead and post the best result so far. One thing is certain, I was completely reminded why my original logo was created using type (Charlemagne, with some finagling of a couple of the characters). Writing XYZ by hand, in capital letters, next to each other, in a script that is meant to be beautiful is so much more difficult that you might imagine! As a result, the final “final” design may be some time in coming, but it’s a challenge that I am looking forward to.

Anyway, if you’re inclined to comment I’d love your feedback, especially what you think about the website now compared to the old website, and the blog, too. I am particularly excited that I was able to discover how to make the favicon show up in the url! : )

9 thoughts on “Facelift

  1. your new banner and website are beautifull!! i can truly appreciate the pain involved in trying to create a logo using roman caps……yikes!! people think that because they’re “simple” looking, they must also be simple to write…..nothing could be further from the truth! i especially love that flourish with the little heart dangling…..very sweet!! :))

  2. I like the clean look. The flourish definitely gives a nice touch. I see the challenge doing the XYZ in all caps but have you thought of doing it like a monogram? If not, consider doing the tagline “calligraphy, handlettering, design” in hand lettering. I don’t know why but it always seems strange when I see calligraphers using a textfont for their logo. Given the caps though it’s understandable. Love the look of the new site. Your work is beautiful and certainly stands on its own.

  3. Hi Xandra –
    I like it…especially the touches of red against the black and white…very classic. I agree that the caps are nearly impossible to space. What if you made either XYZ or INK larger, or more spread out? That might make it easier…..or not! 🙂

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